Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Almond Bloom Ardour

Dear Late Winter,

Join me in admiring the white blossoms of the season... almond trees with the fervid scent of sweet nectar.  The blooms exhale fragrance and petals fall in a blanket of soft nacre.  They have a center of such a red-pink!  How can I proclaim this hue?  Perhaps it is the shade of a length of frail velvet ribbon that binds a packet of your great grandmother's billet-doux, the sheets filled with elegant longhand endearments?  It isn't only a color; the center of these blossoms is intricate; there is a feeling, a liason, and a fleeting taste.  This radiant orchard is in the San Joaquin Valley, near to the junction of highways 46 and 33.

Do these images put you in mind of almond treats, like this old post?  Here is a little addendum; a recipe for macaron with the measurements given by volume, because, weighing nuts can make you a little crazy sometimes.