Monday, March 10, 2014

Bossing, Again.

Dear Spunky Gals, Young Impressionables, and Women Everywhere,

I see that today the Internet is "banning bossy."  As in banishing it from our language, at least as it is pejoratively applied to girls and women.  Well, this is something dear to my heart, because even as I write this to you, to tell you that I was (and am still) called bossy constantly, I can hear a chorus of people in my head, and what are they saying?  "But, she is bossy!"  I have been called 'abrasive' too.  Instead of softening up, to be less abrasive, or quieting down, to be less annoying, or attempting to ban bossy, I suggest that we give this issue the DIY treatment.  It's a laudable effort, to spread awareness of how damaging this labeling is to young girls and women; but I can tell you right now, we will need to work on this as individuals, too.  So why not practice channeling your personal  response to such put-downs.  Here are a few suggestions:

"Oh yeah??!"
"Is that so?"
And my personal favorite,
"f*&# you."

This last one might seem a bit coarse, but you needn't say it out loud, you just need to know that it is true.  You need to know it and proceed as if you never even heard them speaking.  At first it will seem difficult, but it is better to be angry than to be a victim, and you will soon find, with practice, that you really don't care what people say.  At all. 

Just to get you started, a bit of musical inspiration

Another, and keep back sass talking to those voices.

Can't get enough?