Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time for Spring

Dear Listening,

Is the outdoors buzzing and cheeping?  Can you feel that leaf unfurling, and hear the sugary green sap pulsing in the branches?  Buds and blades pushing up and our with palpable force?  Well, right here, it is all that and more.  It is absolutely humming out there, and it puts one in mind of Oreads, Dryads, Limoniads, Meliads, and the Napaeae.  It is a very fine day for listening to Spring, and woolgathering* over  nymphs which live in the growing substance of seasons.  I hope the vernal equinox affords you a joyous symphony of nature, just beyond your window sill.

Should something conspire to keep you indoors, here is a 1936 cartoon, with a very lovely animation of the energy and essence of Spring that we are seeing and hearing, plus a bevy of gnomes.

*To gather wool best, use Epimeliads, the nymph protectors of sheep and goats.