Monday, September 22, 2014

Build Your Boat.

Ahoy Mateys,

It's elemental: Take a thing, add another- make something.  Make use of our oft-celebrated opposable thumbs; Honor the ancestors- build something.  How about a boat?  *As usual, we open with a song.

My family made all sorts of things:  Additions, pools, gingerbread houses, fountains, gardens, tables, sheds, policies, dresses, dolls, bicycles, tablecloths, ponds, bread & jam, pickles, ice cream, kites, & sail cars.  My Dad made rubber band powered paddlewheeled tugboats with me and my brother- later, my Dad and I built a wood strip canoe- naturally, here at the Dodo we continue this fine tradition of boat building. 

The boat you see here being made is a Car Topper, from Harold H. "Dynamite" Payson.  Who doesn't want to follow the instructions of a person known as "Dynamite?"

You can make one too, here are information and plans.  Want to begin a little smaller?  Here is a paddlewheeler plan, and a very nice toy yacht plan from Make.  If you want to make something else entirely with wood, try this website with many links to free plans for all kinds of wonderful things.

*I hope you recognize this phrase, from Jeff and the I Love Toy Trains video series.  If you don't know the series, here is a small taste.  Read all about all their films here.