Friday, September 5, 2014

Come; See Brigadoon.

Dear Space-Conscious,

Today I want to direct you to a wonderful ceramic artist:  Toshiko Takaezu.  To put us in the right frame of mind to appreciate her beautiful vessels, imagine first, the poetic and wonderful paradox of a container that cannot be empty nor can it be filled.

At the Crocker Museum, in Sacramento, I saw some of these lovely pieces, and they were so very right.  They were like the Sisters of Mercy.  These containers answered all of my questions:  I hope you run into them soon.  Learn what messages these containers have for you, at your own languid pace, in this beautiful book..

They were overflowing with feeling and presence.  Here is another song that seems an apt metaphor for the contents of the containers:  The Whole of the Moon. 

Now, let's listen to what Ms. Takaezu has to say about her work.

An Interview with Toshiko Takaezu from D.B.Long on Vimeo.

How about a little reprise?  And another?