Monday, October 13, 2014

Drive Right In.

Dear Sympathetic,

I know, I know, things are just things;  but they take a lot, sometimes, with them, when they go- people and time and plans.  They have closed public skating at my nearest and favorite roller skating rink:  There go the birthday parties, and the turtle races, and the numbers game, and the irrational pop songs, and the charming sistered proprietresses, and many, many, long looping afternoons of fun for me and mine. 

So, what can you do?  Same ol' carpe diem, I suppose.  Here is a thing that might leave your area with a deafening finality soon:  Your nearest Drive In Movie theatre.  Even if your Drive-In sticks around a bit longer, you'll feel an utter fool being driven there by your GoogleCar.  Let me remind you visually of the charms of the Drive-In movie:

Listening to the All-Melancholia FM Radio station a few days ago, I heard this song.  I hope you enjoy it.  Once the song ends, get in the car, and get out there, and go see what's playing three stories high in your area.

PS  Is Ray LaMontagne the new Tim Buckley?  Decide for yourself, by listening here.