Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things that are Still Here.

Dear Dodo-ists,

Here are two things that have not entirely gone the way of the dodo:  Candy Pez and metal lunch boxes.  These are not the things one would think to build an ark for, but one can appreciate the efforts of any zealot artifact archivist of cultural remnants.  

I'll bet you have had one;  either a Pez dispenser, or a lunch box, and maybe you were even fortunate enough to have had both.  I have two old lunch boxes of my Grandfather's-   When they came into my ownership they were (and still are) filled with rocks. I think we have a Bunny shaped Pez dispenser in the butter-keeper bin of the refrigerator, but I can't be sure. 

A few years ago we visited the Pez Museum.  Now we must make plans for a pilgrimage to the Lunch Box Museum, but first I must chase my refrigerator;  I think it might be running.

PS  The Pez dispensers above are Green Hornets, from 1967.  See more at the official Pez website:  www.pez.com.