Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Une Françoise.


Chere Yé-yé Filles,

I always wonder here, how much to say....  How much to direct your attention.  I imagine you will know what do with the lessons from Françoise Hardy.  You will think:  Ah-ha.  Yes, eyeliner for certain, and not too much of anything else, and also a reserved openness.  Plus, a very persistent posture- a quiet squaring off.  Very French, yes.  Carefully presented and not too fussy.  A cultivated knowing look. 

So, yes, some are now saying, but what of the Gypsy?  And, I don't have a 'knowing look?'  What about an abundance of things?  And hiding, a bit, behind the things?  The hair clips and earrings and gewgaws?  To that I answer that it is nearly Halloween, and time to try on someone else.  I intend to be a Business Witch this year.  Here, take my card.....

The first one is to watch (il est tres charmant), while the others could be left just to listening.