Sunday, April 26, 2015

Son, Sí.

Dear Hummers & Whistlers,

A song to sing for today.  This is a song made in the son style.  The buzzy-clacking is a donkey's jawbone, and I'll bet you don't have that just yet in your music room! 

If you like the David Wax Museum, you should listen also to this;  if you like son (and who doesn't?) you might try this.

If you cannot get enough of the radiant sound of Mariachi, and it's gloriously fastened con botonadura side seam pants, you might, one day, go here.  The wearing of the charro pants, by the way, and the sharp jacket, are somewhat controversial- but, enlightened reader, you already know all about how politicized dress is, and what it means to defy or question convention and power in the name of art. 

PS  One more museum:  The Moffat Museum.  It will inspire you do what you can with the stuff that you have, and re-present it all to the world!  Just like the Way of the Dodo!