Friday, April 10, 2015

The things wou wanted, I made them for you.


Dear Riders,

I have been considering the world of materials-the physical world of materials, manipulated by hands. The way the world of materials changes and changes you, as you immerse yourself in them.  Dig deep, plunge into it, whatever it be.

Today, I will run my fingers along dark threads, working on a tailored wool dress- and I think, a beautiful almond cake, a recipe I have treasured since the old days of getting the Sunday NY Times- also, besides writing to you here, I will use my silver fountain pen to write a dear friend, on a notecard of marbled pink and slate.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away from making things.  After you watch Mick Jagger run the song through his hands, watch this pony emerge from a glowing blob of glass, and see if you can stay away from using your hands to make today.

The recipe, if you'd care to join me in making almond cake today.