Monday, December 28, 2015

There Should Always Be A Cat.

Dear Ones in the Know and the Now,
Here is a lovely remembrance, which as you know is all we have, once we are out of the moment. 
I have just read another Terry Pratchett novel, Going Postal, and I dropped by my used bookshop to see if I could get a copy (the one I read belongs to all of  us- why not go and check it out of the library now I have returned it?).  I asked the book dealer* where the Terry Pratchett books were, and he gestured with his arm swiftly and grandly to the doorway, saying "Out there!"  They did have three copies, that he had just gotten in, of The Carpet People- another delightful book that I read a few months back.
*And isn't that the right name for them?  Addicts go to dealers, not sellers, stockists, or clerks, for pity's sake!