Saturday, September 10, 2016



Dear Chordful,

Today's song to sing is a favorite of mine, although, for me, it holds discouragement within.  I give you its chords, but they are not for me, because I still cannot make my hands into those shapes on my guitar's neck.  I know many of you can, though, and so this song is especially for you to play.  I often find the songs I want to play are beyond my literal reach, but oh! there are so many songs!  There is always another one for me to kludge through happily- for example: Sea of Heartbreak.

Les Paul & Mary Ford are wonderful, and their songs are filled with what seems to me must have been the optimism of the age- the technological wonder of  the electric guitar and multitrack recording.  Not very long before this film was recorded, Les Paul's elbow was destroyed in a car accident and his arm was permanently set at nearly 90 degrees to facilitate playing the guitar.  And doesn't it sound as if he never put the guitar down?  I love to ponder this poetic notion of limbs that have been altered to make music as I try to make my own fingers hold down 6 strings at once.


Do you care for another?