Friday, September 16, 2016

Read This!

Dear Cinderella,

I am cleaning this week, because I am having some people over-  there is a lot of dust and spider webs and paper scraps-  what my Mom and Dad always called 'schnitzels' of paper. 

I have a whole box of these paper scraps, because I think I might one day make new paper out of them.  Or maybe I will stuff them into a sculpture skin, and I only I will know that the innards are schnitzels saved over years. 

I also have bags of fabric snippings- no, I don't mean anything you could make a quilt with, I mean really small snips and threads.  They make nice little piles and I love the way they sit in rows. 

I know that I am going to have to become comfortable with the disappointment others will have in me for this behavior-  I know that collecting bottle caps has become 'hoarding' and that makes me quite ill by today's standards. 

Phooey on that, and read this, too, while you are at it.  It's long, it uses big words and it is subversive- you will love it!