Saturday, June 3, 2017


Dear Band Mates,

Imagine the most beautiful acoustic guitar you can- of course, it has mother of pearl, and that edging, which I believe they call purfling.  What else?  A sunburst?  Dark wood, light wood?  What of the wood's character?  Bird's eye, curly, quilted, flame, bearclaw?  Is it black and from the '30s?  Is it worn, or shiny new?  I imagine a lot of nice guitars, and I think I sent you out once to pick up a parlor guitar, but now, I have a new errand for you to run:  Go and get this, because it is the most beautiful guitar I can imagine.

My desire for this thing, and I have spent a lifetime desiring, so I know what I am talking about, moves me to the ultimate act:  Saving money.  Actually, no, it moves me to wishing and considering purchasing a lotto ticket, which is what I usually do when I want something absurdly beyond my means and uses.  Still, a girl can dream, and this is about as dream worthy an item as I have seen this decade! 

On the topic of dreaming and the proper tools for the task, don't you think, don't you know in your heart, that your fingers would play better, that your voice would sing sweeter, with a guitar like this?

While we are wishing, let us play this song on our ordinary, daily use, right here right now, trusty old guitars.  The chords are easy, but don't forget to get louder as the song progresses.

While you are out, pick up a shirt to wear with this guitar:  A frilled tuxedo shirt would be grand.  Oh, and I know you are worrying that I will be too nervous about scratching this opulent instrument to play it, and I assure you that I would play it and bang it and scrape it just as heartily as I do Little Blue.  The only thing I might hesitate to do is take it camping- sitting in a hot car while you stop for tacos en route to the lake is hard on a guitar's laminates and neck.

By the way, the fifth element that the word quintessential refers to, is that element beyond the air, earth, water, and fire: that highest element which permeates all the universe; ether.  As in, "Dude, that is one sick, filthy, and ethereal guitar!"