Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Clarity: As easy as falling off a log.

Dear Seeking,

Today I begin my letter to you with a few lines of introduction, or maybe it's a list.  Or maybe it is subject headings.  Or maybe it's the condensed version of the paragraphs that follow.

Give a little bit of your time to me.  Give a little bit.  

I don't mind you coming here, and wasting all my time.

The last place I lived was called Clarity Acres.  It got me to thinking, recently, about whether I had been clear with you here.  These pages suggest a lot of ideas and projects, and places to go to, but I think what I am really hoping you will want to do is jump on in with me.  The water is fine! 

Let's go over it, then, in detail.  This thing is a blog, which is short for Web Log.  What is a log?  Well, if you watch Star Trek, you'll find that the Captain's Log is a nice place for some exposition in the narrative.  A log can be a journal, but the best logs aren't merely lists of what you did and when you did it.

The blog can be a kind of a bulletin board, where you might find a scrap of paper selling a used bike that you are interested in, or a notice of an upcoming Barn dance you'd like to attend, or an idea you'd like to mull on further.

I was dismissive of blogs for many years, because they seemed very dull to me to read (no, the irony is not lost on me!).  And, I also felt very awkward at the confessional position many of them take.  But, like so many things, what is fun to do is not as much fun to watch.  So, you know what I am saying, right?  I am saying that you must be the blog you wish to read.  You must beautify the world of the virtual, collective mind by making your contribution to it.

Well, go on then.