Saturday, May 1, 2021

autre temps, autre moeurs


Dear Others,

I went hogwild this year on Zoom book clubs: three!  It was a bit manic, yes.  In one of The Groups (which I will call the English Professors & Librarians Group) we talk about 'othering,' meaning the process of talking, writing, and defining different (as in not your) groups as The Other.  Which has been specially verbed for this particular use.  Here is the rub:  Othering is bad, yep, no denying it.  But it is so pretty a word, so useful, so broad in what it can mean, which is anything.  Go get the other one.  Bring another one.  I like the other one better.  It's like the words 'stuff' and 'things.'  I can't live, if living is without them.  So now a sort of kind of (more words I must have!) short poem like (there's another one!) elegy to the word other:   

Other times

other manners

other ways.

Other other other.

And now on to another thing, that I know you will like: The The Guatelli Museum, which comes to these pages via a friend and colleague.