Tuesday, May 25, 2021

An installation of ideas.


Dear Like Minds,

These are images of an installation of ideas on slips of paper.  The ideas were thought of and recorded in a class I teach each Spring.  I never knew, when I first looked at Joseph Kosuth's One and Three Chairs, that I would arrive at digging conceptual art; promoting it and assigning it even.  It grew on me, I guess, like moss and Absurdist literature. 

The way that ideas, and manifestations of ideas, circulate and fold out and in and recombine is really a beautiful thing.  I have mentioned it here before, and what is the word for it?  Happenstance?  Coincidence doesn't seem quite right.  The thesaurus offers 'concomitance,' 'concordance,' and 'lumping together.'  The first two are a little officious, and the last implies a lack of elegance.  Happenstance will have to do.

One thing that lumped together to manifest as this project are the Paul Thek Teaching Notes.  Here is a place you can read a little about them, and you can look at the notes, here.  Then you can answer them, make your own list of questions, or manifest some other happenstance entirely.