Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Every Thing?

Dear Curious,

The internet doesn't have everything- I know because I checked.  I looked for something on how to get brave- physically, I mean.  To be courageous in your body- to be fearless about falling, say, on skates.... 

There is a thing called a 'three-turn' on roller skates that I have spent many hours reading about and watching, and imagining myself executing, but I continue to freeze or put my opposite foot down when the moment comes.  Nothing I found helped, but there is a lot on the internet,and here are some of the topics that are well covered:

Getting out stains,

skin conditions,

how to leave your lover,

learning to play guitar, 

and how to live with yourself just as you are, even if you cannot do a three-turn.

The internet also has this great trick tutorial, and you can try it.  And maybe this is why one looks at a tutorial in the first place?  To get some advice on how to walk a mile in the other fellow's shoes?  To try to be something a bit more than you are at present?  To gain a bit more insight?  To be inspired to try?  Alas, I am not sure that I will, because I still cannot find any information on how to be more courageous, fearless, and brave.  You will be wondering, though, about what I did find on bravery, and what I found wasn't practical really at all- none of what I read would have helped a person to ask for a raise, or start a conversation with a stranger at a party; most of what I read defined courage as a willingness to sacrifice, to risk injury, for another; as a firefighter or an EMT would do.