Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Say Cheese.


Dear whom it may concern,

Of course, you will have to look for some role models, some people to instruct you in what you want to be.  Advice like this comes from all over-  I mean, there are so many places to learn how you might want to be, to act, to speak, to move. 

It's a pleasure to find people to be like-  my pal in grad school and I used to walk to university looking for 'posture models'- students, staff, and faculty that stood up straight and walked well:  You know, like they had a book on their heads, not just a book on their minds.

Anyway, I found a model recently for how to be photographed with friends and family in a video slide show that backed a German song sung by Marlene Dietrich.  She was all over the people she was photographed with-  not like a cheap suit, but she leaned close and embraced or touched each person she was photographed with like they were her dearest companion.  It inspired me to express a little more feeling when being photographed, and I think I might try a little more verbal flourish with you, too, because I sincerely desire your comfort and contentment, and I'll not let a little trifle like self-consciousness come between us.

L. T.


The video was sent to me by my bandmate:  It's an accordion band with two members.  Before you die of envy, form your own band.  It's easy!  Here is what we have: 

Two accordions. 

One player who can read music and actually play accordion. 

Another player (me) who has read music in the past and does not mind playing accordion poorly.  

We have not yet played together, but this is a trivial detail, as I am sure you'll agree!