Saturday, December 7, 2019

Fresh Pavement Society

Dear Skating Members,

It's high time for another roller post.  This summer I bought some used rink rental skates from a place in Texas, and the episodic skating society, Planet Claire, is going pretty well.  We have 7 pairs of skates to loan out to anyone with socks that arrives at the meetings.  Eventually, I hope to grow the seven pairs into a horse trailer filled with rental skates, which will prowl the sidewalks of summertime beach towns.  There will be pink.  You won't miss it.  After the trailer, the ultimate goal: a rink of my own.  Which will feature more pink, and a record player, among other things.

In the meantime, I have been dreaming of a second skating group:  the Fresh Pavement Society!

We would need to be fast, and nimble in our communications.  A member would note the location and co-ordinates of the new pavement, and skaters would meet, or not meet, as long as the pavement was fresh.  I think it could function easily world wide.

Another skater and I have proven the concept in a parking lot and on a 1/4 mile section of new asphalt road.  The new macadam is flat and rubble free!  I have my eye on some other new parking lots too- once the cars get all over them and the dreary chain stores open up, there will be less opportunity to skate.  That's why we need this fast communication and a large network of skaters reporting on new pavement in their area. 

Here is a little film of a thing called the Barrel Roll.  Let's meet at some fresh pavement and do it together soon!