Monday, December 2, 2019

two babies

Dear Baby,

My dj played this lovely version of Don't Worry Baby the other day-  There isn't much I like better than a honey and cigarettes voice like Ronnie Spector.

For to honor the two baby songs here, I describe a kind of a cocktail:  Let us call it the Don't Worry Baby.  Mostly because there is SO dang much to worry about, and so very little to do about it.  Everything will be all right; in the not great, but not actual mortal despair, sense of the word.

whiskey- a dark, caramelly one
ice- big ice is nice
fancy cherries in syrup
soda- cheap is fine, so is luxury soda, like Topo Chico

You will need two glasses to enjoy this drink, and a spoon.  Put a few cherries in the bottom of glass, with a dollop of syrup.  The numerologically correct number of cherries would be four in this case.  Put in your ice, stir it up some, add the whiskey, as much as you like.  Stir it or not.  Pour the soda into a second glass.  Add it as you go.  Here's how you drink it for a kind of medium amount of worry:  take a sip of it without any soda, then pour in a few ounces of soda.  Drink that about half down, and then add some more soda.

Here's how you'd drink it in a lot of worry: skip the soda until you pour the second drink, then tip in some soda.

Here's another baby to enjoy.