Friday, February 21, 2020

not sorry socks

He told
me not
to say

"I'm sorry."

Women whispered to me:
he hates women
who say

"I'm sorry."

The obvious thing here is that I hate men who hate women who say
"I'm sorry."

But now is not the time for that.

is the time
for how could I be not sorry?

If I wore, on my ankles, the socks I saw
last night in a shop
that said
"Not Sorry" on them,
if I wore them every day,
if I slept in them,
if I never took them off, and
every time I took a step I thought and read: not sorry, not sorry, not sorry, stepping out a
sorryless cadence all the livelong day,
would I be less sorry?

Because I am sorry, really sorry.
I am sorry I interrupted you,
I am sorry I was jealous,
sorry that I didn't listen.
sorry that I missed the boat,
sorry that I was too fearful,
sorry that I hurt you,
sorry that I only thought of myself,
sorry that I ignored you,
sorry I stopped talking to you,
sorry I didn't love you,
sorry I couldn't understand you
sorry that people suffer &

I am not not sorry at all, and
if you think
that you can take the sorry from the girl,
and absolve yourself,
you are very wrong, mister,
and I am not
to inform you.