Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Dear Lucky Eights,

Sometimes I wonder why I am telling you these things.  I guess it's a sort of whistling in the dark, but I don't want to just entertain you; although, that will do in a pinch.  Would we have loved a life working as a Tele Skater Girl?  I wonder.  The old things always look so good when you are sitting here in the now with your plastic devices and your instant, cord free communication.

I heard a fellow on the radio some years ago talking about working to live versus living to work, and he said that when people made the joyful hobby they had into their livelihood, the fun quickly drained out of doing it.  I ask myself very often if that is how I would feel, looking out at a large rink full of 8 year olds having skate birthday parties on a Sunday.  I try to imagine the difficult customers I might get; Drunks maybe?  Frat boys?  Inline booted hockey hellions?  What about when the roof leaked all over the wood floor?  Would I still find joy in skating everyday to songs like this one, which would be my actual job?   I sure hope I get to find out one day.

A film to celebrate the 800th day of skating: