Friday, August 28, 2020

living in twilight

Dear Ones,

I just got off the phone, and I wanted to send you the song for today, and to send you this amazing image of the Telefontornet of Stockholm, circa 1890.

Your song today has a touch of melancholy & maudlin melodrama, and much of the grandiose, symphonic loveliness of Electric Light Orchestra.   Not everyone goes in for that, and so, you needn't stay on the line if you have somewhere else to be, some other song to listen to today.

Oh, and one more thing, she said, when she rang off:  "Have a good one!," and that is where I want to pick up our next conversation, and soon!

Close and regular readers will notice that Dodo links to YouTube uploads of music often favor low view counts.  If you noticed, you can probably guess why: here at the Dodo, we love the imperfect, the ignored, the overlooked, and the seldom visited.  We dig the weird offshoots of the internet search that can be found on page 8 of the results.