Friday, September 17, 2021



Dear Curious,

I think you are ready.  I know you are ready.  If you don't like it, you can find some other feet to give those roller skates to!  It's been 1200 days for me, and tomorrow could be day number one for you!  This week I am on the injured list, and so my daily skating has been appallingly brief, but I really look forward to it, because it's kind of a habit that I really love, and while I am malingering, I am imagining the not so distant future, when I will be out and skating the fresh pavement again.  There is a beautiful new parking lot not far from here, with little swales, and not too much tree litter.  I love to set my teeth, roll up and into the shallow ditches and jump a little bit, at the crest of the thing.  

If you are not quite yet ready, check out Skatie and Appelusa; perhaps these two lovely skaters can convince you where I have failed.

If you are already skating your garage, your kitchen, your side porch, and your nearby basketball court, then good for you and I hope I see you out there!