Monday, September 13, 2021

Cello Sweets.


Dear Secret Aspiration,

I have your cello song of the day right here.  I hope you enjoy it.

One day, one day I will get myself a cello, and I will make these kind of singing sounds myself.  Yes, it will be a kind of anti-climax, because I have none of the skills or patience necessary to play 'good,' but I know I can play bad, and I am sure that it will be fulfilling to play the cello, no matter how bad.  Why, you wonder?  Take a look at that embrace.  Look at that relationship, that huge hollow breathing space, which can only be filled by hands on the neck and the bow.  Why would one resist such an intimacy?

And no, I do not want lessons, I want cellos.  One for you and one for me.  A cello in every hall closet.  And I will not play it, but I will make sound, and there is no music without sound.