Monday, September 6, 2021

fall back in circles


Dear Lovelies,

A song for you, for certain; and an update.  You know I am trying to quit my job at A & G (Assumptions and Generalities), and I have cut back my hours, but we are hung up in battle over the severance package.

Leaving, you see, positions me outside of the social circles that seemed so vibrant to me, but have paled and frayed since the plague.   I keep thinking, though, of the mystics, of how much is possible.  I think of "radical unknowing."  While I am trying to chip away at institutions from the inside, I am also fooling myself into thinking that an institution is big enough for me and future-filled.  It isn't, really, and my days are numbered, just like yours.

Meanwhile, the question, as always, is what to do today?  Today, I will tidy up, sort things into piles, correspond, and roller skate.  It should be a fine day for it!