Thursday, October 20, 2022

how it is


Sidereal Angle Clock movement

Dear The Past,

Of course I still love you!  It's just that, well, The Future keeps on calling all the time, and he offered to pay for dinner, so, well, I said yes!  Wouldn't you have?

I know, I have a lot of explaining to do.  It's just that there are all these new things, you know?  And, I never did look that good in orange, and, yes, I know, it's just superficial, and all is passing, but, I don't always want to be the person I was!  I don't see why I have to keep on going like this, just because you want me to.  And anyway, The Present doesn't agree with either of you, so, I figure it's time I lived my own life.

I suppose you aren't going to want to see me anymore, and I guess I understand that; but what we had was special, it was real, and I used to love you, I really did!  But, now I just feel trapped by you and threatened by your size.  

I know you are going to feel hurt by this, and I am sorry, I really am; it's not you, it's me!