Sunday, November 19, 2023

Culture Consumer Princess


Dear Quiz Takers,

Or, is that Quizzlings?  Quizzettes?  Crepes Quizettes?  In any case, discover who you are by taking this handy Culture Consumer Princess Quiz!  Brought to you, free of charge, by the good folks at the Dodo!

The Smiths or The Cure?

Raspberry Ripple or Black Cherry?

Flannel or T Shirt?

Money or Love?   

If you answered an even mix of first and second choices you are: Princess DoubleCherryBerry!

If you answered all seconds, you are:  Princess CherryHeart!

If you answered all firsts, you are:  Princess GoldBerry!

If you answered another princess quiz entirely, you are:  Princess InAnotherCastle!