Wednesday, June 26, 2024

keeping it together & the emotional labor blues


Guy Debord

Dear Workers,

You come to a time, and that time could be now, when you find yourself deep in a task that you thought you'd seen the last of.  You unbend from your load, straight up into an Awareness that you have been here before.  

You have been holding things together for 9 hours straight, and this is the 4th day of such straight-i-tude, and you have NOT barked at anyone, nor have you burst into tears at the total futility of it all; no, you have patiently suffered all the minor slings and arrows, all the grim facts (such as: no one even noticed that I got the food!  No one said thank you when I washed all those dishes!  I told that story to keep the ball rolling and people said I was stupid for not 'correcting' the hapless person in the story!), and you notice that you have done this easily 1,000 times.  Ah, no, not easily, but uncomplainingly, is my point.  You have held it together for your friends, your family, your work colleagues, all without a single error, and also without a single notice.  

The thing here, that I am trying to tell you, is that the thanks wouldn't even cover it at this point, and the real terrible thing, as you straighten up into that aforementioned Awareness, is that what you really want is to be able to avoid these Kind of Situations where you step into the Keep It All Together person role, where you are lifting everyone's emotional baggage up, up, up again!  

As for my own complicity in this, I know, that just like my father has often said, when asked what he might need (vis-à-vis: tools) while undertaking some harebrained repair job, "I need to have my head examined!"

PS  Your song for today is Career Opportunities!  And, this one, too.