Thursday, June 6, 2024

oddly satisfying


Dear Reader,

The phrase, the two word combination is oddly satisfying, but what do people mean in saying it?  Is it a satisfaction that feels odd, or is it odd that it feels satisfying?  Because, finding yourself satisfied is an odd feeling, for sure;  I don't think we give much attention to how we feel and whether it is odd, or satisfying.  

The thing I find sometimes, and it is odd, I guess, or at least rare, is a feeling of elation.  Or a dawning giddiness.  A sudden awareness of lightness.  Oh, and it is also like when you get to yell "bingo" because you have filled in your board; Bingo is such a metaphor for my emotional landscape!  Maybe yours, too?  You are working away, listening, putting markers on the co-ordinates, focused on the task at hand, and then, pow!  Bingo!  Up you jump (figuratively) from the flow of attention to a big burst of extroverted yelling.  It's a marvel of experience, playing Bingo.

You may need convincing- it isn't strategic; but you have to pay attention.  I used to play in our community center as a 13 year old; a lot of people older than I were there, and you played for a dime, so when you won, when you bingoed, you'd get a paper cup with maybe $2.70 in it.  I really loved the way this game brought people of different ages into the same, focused space.  It's odd, yes, and satisfying, too.