Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Howdy All,

I especially want to encourage any clothes horses to tour around the links I have for today.  The phrase has two meanings.  It is either a folding frame to dry laundry on, or a person who can't get enough clothes- a person just a leetle bit obsessed with clothes and fashion.  We are very lucky at the Dodo, because we have one of each.  Well, what are we waiting for?  Clothes that are in every way worthy of a clothes horse!


I know, isn't it the most wonderful expression of fabric freedom you have ever seen?  These fabulous clothes are designed by Krista Larson, and sewn in the U. S.  See more of them at her online shop, Blue Polly Boutique.

Let's have one more Krista Larson ensemble:

These pieces are so modern in their sensibilities.  I adore them.  Let Krista Larson guide you in combining your clothes in new and exciting ways! 

Next, another fine U. S. made clothier, Alabama Chanin:

See all about Ms. Chanin, at Alabama Chanin.  Be inspired by her hand sewing and detailing.  I have a wool jersey top I am sewing ever so slowly together by hand, with silk embroidery floss, and it all started by poring over her clothes' lovely finishes and embellishments.

Lastly, for your dressing bliss and enjoyment, Treehouse28.  Find these affordable knit pieces at Alix's shop on Etsy, right here.

Alix  will sew them to your very own dimensions, and she gets it all done in a twinkling!  I have some pants and a sleeveless top.  The clothes horse (in the laundry-drying sense) and I wear them all the time.

You might, though, wonder just what to do about foundations, because, as you read everywhere, the right undergarments are the key to looking good.  Have a look at these beauties, at Marlies Dekkers.  Oh, and don't forget shoes!  Imagine your feet in gorgeous Chie Mihara shoes!

Worrying about being a tall poppy?  One bit of musical advice and encouragement, then, to ease you into more daring and expressive dressing:   Banana Xylophone.