Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tipi Rings

Dear Photo Safarians,

Here is something wonderful:  Tipi rings.  I never even knew of them!  I found them in a photograph by Peter De Lory. 

You can see more of Mr. De Lory's photographs of Tipi rings, by visiting the website of the Lisa Harris Gallery. 
Then, to see some more images from this interesting eye, visit Peter De Lory's website.  You'll see this montage of his road photographs.  Doesn't it make you want to head out on the highway, and  take some photos of the open road yourself?  Maybe you will want to stay some place interesting, odd, even.  Here is a site to find an unusual night's stay.

When you get back, join me in making some stone circles in the yard.  I will be putting them in the very best places:  A spot to hear bees, a place to watch leaves change, a tree to watch cars come up the drive, a bench for feeling the sun, and a spot to see the birds in high branches.