Saturday, February 22, 2014

How many Tons?

Dear Ones,
I missed you terribly last night-  25 violins!!  Yes, and 10 violas, and was it 8, or 9 cellos?  Four bassoons!  You know how beautiful bassoons and cellos are (just to say the words!   Bassoon.  Cello.), and these played a samba inspired "spectacular" of South American composed pieces.  I know you were busy elsewhere, so I send you an electronic shadow to give some sense of the shimmering reverberations of the Bahia Youth Orchestra performance. 
I began this missive with another delightful Brazillian band; Funk Como le Gusta.  Yes, it is just how you like it, and I hope you will explore more of their music.
Escreva novamente em breve.