Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Flowing River of Time

Dear Women of Distinction,

You may find yourself, one day, in the unexpected and downright shocking position of 'having aged.'  Discomfited by this realization, you may look to others for help in weathering the storm of time.  You may look to women who appear to be aging elegantly, like Catherine Deneuve, and say to yourself, "aha!  I need better lighting, and a coterie of stylists."

And there is something else you can do, you can skip the studio lights and the stylists, and adopt a little bit of style.  The library is a great place to acquire a little bit of style.  The have books on antiques, painting, history, fashion, music, and great literature.  If that isn't enough, they have the charming stop motion animation Wind in the Willows video recordings made by Cosgrove Hall Films that you watched in the previous link.

 Here is a book filled with style to inspire you.  If your library doesn't have it, why not buy it, and then give it to your library?  In a few years, after the book circulates a bit, your whole community will be overflowing with style.  You can look around at your stylish, cultivated, charming, and/or well-dressed friends and neighbors and know that you helped to shape this utopia!  Brava!