Sunday, August 28, 2016


Dear Rolling,
What do you want from life?  To listen to the Tubes?  To live long and prosper?  To be precise? 
There's an awful lot of slop, a lot of leeway, a big gray area, and I would never get by without all that margin, without forgiveness and permission and all the rest of the excuses offered by society and humankind.  Still sometimes I dream and pine for precision and who can say why?  Probably because I can't let go of the notion that somewhere there must be a good and a bad and a right and a wrong; but I live in the interstices, just like everyone else. 
So what shall we do today, then?  Grab your helmet, your tutu and your skates and meet me in the parking lot, we can skate in unison, and strive for precision.