Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Did you hear?


Dear Delight-Seekers,

Today I have a delight for all my fellow sound art enthusiasts and pipe organ fans!   It should also appeal to candle lovers and John Cage groupies.  Which actually makes me think of something I might want to make: a fan club t-shirt for John Cage.  To make it right, to make it authentic, we must subject it to an action and a period of time.  By it, I mean the shirt.  Here are three sample actions a t-shirt could endure:

car drives over

tossed out window

mop up pale blue paint spilt by a kick at 8:15 pm

If you have just no idea who the hell this guy is anyway, you must, you must investigate John Cage.  He is a person who will fill you with pride in that you share a place as a human with such a mind as his.

Try a poem.

Try a print.

Try a piece.

Bonus Track:  Water Walk again.  Watching Katelyn King perform it is a double delight, because we can compare all the delicious details.  Also, if you want to hear more Cage, try this place.