Saturday, December 26, 2020

Regardez ce film.

 Chong Gon Byun

Untitled, 29” x 21” x 9.75," Oil on Trunk, 1990

Dear Holiday Revelers,

Here at the Dodo, and maybe where you are too, we have extra time in the long, dark, winter evenings, and we have spent many of them 'rotting our minds' on TV, as my parents' used to say to me.  There is no need for you to rot your mind, though, because we have sorted the mind rotting material into two piles: pile one, like junk food, will not really bear discussion; pile two, includes this really lovely surrealist film by Marie Losier.  It's a film of artist Chong Gon Byun, and what I have for you here, is this excerpt:  Byun, Objet Trouvé.

The entire film can be found on The Criterion Channel, which is a thing you will have to pay for, or at least agree to a 'free trial' of.  It's 7 minutes of really beautiful, actual, saturated, developed, cut and spliced, film, and here at the Dodo, we found it worth at least double the price of the free trial.

PS     Now that you have that free trial, you might also watch this charming adaptation of The Railway Children.  It's a movie that one imagines young Wes Anderson being inspired by.  It was an absolute favorite novel of mine when I was young and impressionable, written by E. Nesbit; a writer you should know, and if you don't believe me, maybe you'll take Gore Vidal's word for it (yes, to read it, you will need another free trial and to register and sign up and secret password and, and, and....)