Saturday, August 13, 2022

No Particular Place to Go


Dear Shutter Bugged,

Riding along in my automobile last week, it came to me, that the difference between me (and maybe you, too) and a photographer is this key behavior:  The photographer ALWAYA stops to take the photo.  Or, even, turns around and goes back.  Leading me to wonder another few questions....

Is dedication the thing?  Singularity of purpose?

Can we play so easily at being Photographers?  Can we, in a few short weeks, see with viewfinder eyes?

You might even take this last question as a challenge, if you weren't already up to your neck in trying to have fun twice a week; so put it in the back of your mind, and maybe, come fall, we will return to the notion of a photographic month or season.

Here are some photos I saw but did not 'take:'

a field of purple blue silver cabbage

intersecting barn walls

a fence of wood in dry dirt

an old station wagon with three big stripes

a murder of crows lifting out of a cypress

two women in pink shirts

a dozen different photos of shifting fog and revealed water

the front of a roadhouse

light on waves

tree trunks leaning left