Sunday, August 28, 2022

it's like


Drawing by David Lynch.

Dear Metaphorical and Analogical,

Like, I am pretty sure like is my favorite word.  It's like, really useful, because it sets up a dialectical, a juxtaposition, an analogy.  This is like that.  

Also, here's a few more beautiful bonuses to the word like:  Liking, indicating a fondness for, is a nice, positive thing to bring to a conversation or an object.  I like that hat!  I like those shoes!  I like this chocolate mousse!  You get the idea; liking things is pretty damned pleasant.  Let's continue, if you'd like?

The word also sounds very happily like the word 'lick.'  And that, my friends, is also likeable!  Imagine, you see a dark, nearly black stone on the beach that you like; you pick it up, you like its warm heaviness, and, to get a little closer, you give it a lick.  It's salty and fine!  Many things that you like, in other words, could do with a licking.

Anyway, it's like deja vu, because I feel like I have professed my adoration of like before, like, maybe a few years ago?  I don't think I could live without like.

Hello x, David Lynch, 2013.