Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Special Fun Edition


Image taken by Valentina Pogudina

Dear Dodo Reader,

The summer fun continues this week!  It's true, a lot of the fun suggestions involve making something, but you already know to take a hike, or a swim, or a paddle without me telling you to visit the beach or go on a picnic.  I have chosen these funs for their unusualness.  Also, y'all know that if your kind of fun is to clean grout, you should be on a different channel.

For fun this week, why not:

Make a special effect.

Make a fortune (teller).

Play a card game.  (just push the Create a Game or New Private Game buttons)

Keep your hoop up.

A Summer's Summer dance tune!

Okay, 'til Tuesday's fun list next week!

(un petite encore- close listeners will enjoy the difference in vocal style in these two versions!)