Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Calling it: the end of Summer Fun.


Trees: Bole and Creeper, Henry Moore, 1979, Etching, 238 mm x 188mm.

Dear Funsters,

This, I believe, is it.  I am all funned out.  It's not the end, of course, it's the beginning!  We will still meet here and I will continue to leave you messages in the hollow of the bole of the big tree in the empty lot on the corner, but we will put this summer time pursuit of fun aside for now.  It's time to cram in all the fun that we haven't yet gotten to thus far, and to turn slightly towards the Fall.

For this week of summer fun, I offer you:

Take a photo safari.

Learn to walk on stilts!

Get an ice cream, large, or small.

Plan a cruise; large or small.

And, your dance party tune!


Thanks for joining me in the summer fun!