Monday, July 11, 2022

two tales of the dale of oil


Dear Ones,

I give you today, in this summer of songs, two songs of Oildale:  



I would be knocked over by a feather, if I should hear that The Creston Line's songwriters were not influenced by Mike Beck, and yet, it is possible.  I think, though, that the more important thing to notice is how one song, possibly written from the strains of another, is not just another disposable, shadow thing, but a really lovely addition to the conversation, which, as listeners, we are invited to participate in, and to actually construct new dialogs and stories- like those re-arrangeable magnetic words on refrigerators.  

If you expand your circle of contemplation of these two songs, you will come to Buck Owens, Tom Petty, this song about Sherry, a long list of outlaw country stuff, which might suggest Buddy Holly and Hank Williams.  What can you make of that?  Well, don't forget the Delta Blues, because 'country' music ain't nothing without the blues, and pretty soon you are in Africa, so maybe listen to this fine pastiche.


In my own song of Oildale as Shangra La, I might have a carload of ersatz lovers arrive only to find ruins, or worse, big box stores, mile after mile.  Or maybe it would be a more positive John Prine thing; the lovers arrive, till the soil, grow their own food, and their children grow up playing soccer.  Send me your ideas for an Oildale song, to the usual address in Pueblo, Colorado, and I will send you a bumper sticker that says:  My Other Life is in Oildale, California!