Wednesday, May 24, 2017

AI Don't know Nuthin' about the Finer Things.

Hello Loves,

It’s car upholstery, it’s old nails; museum objects from around the world, Twombly, and Motherwell, and knitted holey sweaters, and shrubbery, and discarded lumber, and old envelopes, and pencil marks, and dripping paint on the edges of cans, it’s everything I ever saw, it’s everything that ever was:  All this, synthesized. 

Is what an artist sees and tries to paint, to make, to build, to write & to play.  Sometimes, here at the Dodo, we post an answer to a question that you may not realize you are asking, and in point of fact, it may be that very few of you are asking it, but the Dodo exists for these few- for you, in point of fact.