Friday, May 5, 2017

The daily grind.

Dear Ones,

Again, I can hardly believe my good fortune: see if you can credit it!  There I am, minding my own business at my job, when someone asks me for some 'ideas'!  Well, of course, I replied:  Chantilly lace, and a pretty face, and a pony tail hanging down, .... and oh baby! you know what I like!

I gave him the following ideas- I think they are fabulous, of course; really top drawer ideas; one of them is someone else's idea. I mean, that wingchair!  What a doozy!

A lilac velvet upholstered wingchair filled with a pile of pale river stones.

A secret library in the trunk of a car.

A map to the places the wee folk live.

A minotaur courts a bower bird.

Nine pairs of shoes & four mouse holes.

An atm that dispenses cupcakes all night and day.