Monday, May 8, 2017

Round, round, get around.

Dear Little Darlings,

The mailbag this week yielded a question you all must be dying to know the answer to:  How do we come up with all those fine and compelling ideas and issues at the Dodo?  The answer, dear Reader, is Soylent Green. 

Yep, it's people who bring the ideas to the Dodo.  Just this week there have been three interesting things brought to my attention by People.  I get around a bit, and I always have my Dodo pencil handy to jot down notes.  Once I get back to the research lab onsite here at the Dodo, I do a few tests, a bit of reading, and voilà!  Your fresh-baked post is ready and waiting for you!

Today's interesting item brought to my attention by People is this web-based little optical illusion.

Keep your eye on the next two posts, they came from People, too.