Saturday, May 27, 2017

Roller Skating Pilgrimage Site

Dear Little Darlings,

Watch this film, look me right in the eye, and tell me this isn't a fabulous world we are living in!  We visited this special place, just last week- enchanting Doris Jenkins was at the entrance, she put our money in the register, she played "Elimination," she skated with us at the end of the evening; the wooden floor was just exactly as you see it, and you can go there too! 

I am absolutely ready to begin building my roller rink.  I imagine it will be open for you to visit by 2020 at the latest.  I hope you will come by!  I think I will serve apple juice, and maybe popcorn....  Oh, and we will have Cheerwine for sale, too.  And long lost candy bars, like Ice Cubes and U-No Bars and Rocky Roads and Abba Zaba.  I simply cannot wait!

On second thought, I guess the taffy might stick to the floor, so we can't have that last one!