Tuesday, December 30, 2014

C'est la Vie.

 Dear Everyone,

You don't have to like it, but you do have to bear up under it.  How will we do that, I wonder? 
Dignity?  Beauty?  Certainly Truth.  Find a place where one of those is missing and make a contribution today.

The end of the year has us all considering how to best proceed, and I so I will direct you to the manifesto of the Dark Mountain Project again.   Here is a song, too, to inspire us to bear our burdens with grace, and to fill this world up. 

Fill it with what you want- don't let it be all shoe ads and soapboxes. 

Tell the Future

I wanted to write.

A big, rambling poem. 
A capacious clattering of lines, stanzas and pages.
A poem that would tell the future.
And the past.  All about the past.

To give it to the future. 

This wasn't here then, it was open; you could see the sky.
There was a dirt road there, and a little path.
A tree grew just there.
This used to be a field; with flowers in the spring.

It is the story of loss. 

You lose your shirt.
Your house, your wife.
Your looks, your youth.
Your keys.

Your loved ones.

It is the story of loss.

Your stone cairns, your dusty libraries,
museums and attics. 

It is the story of loss.