Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Way of the Song.

Dear Somewhere,

In Bandelier National Park, on the Pajarito Mesa, on the Tsankawi Trail, there winds a path, worn deep into the soft tuff of the earth.  First trod by the Ancestral Tewa peoples, 600-odd years ago, it is worn ever deeper by visitors today.  Setting your step into one of the narrow ascending footholds, or the wending downward chutes, you think of the feet that came before you; and the numinous traces of their lives.   

A song is a similar path, made manifest by repeated listenings-  you can easily touch times past in listening or singing along- and beyond, perhaps?  Touching even others who have sung along, too?

Try this experiment and see for yourself.  Listen and sing or hum along to this lovely palimpsest of a song, and see if you don't travel great distances, visit far away times, and hear the stories of old.

Hey La and Somewhere.

And once more,, maybe?  Encore?