Friday, September 25, 2015

Nights Out On TheTrail

Dear Strummers,

Do you know that I have three perfect songs for your trail rides?  For your camp fires?  For the back of your Ford Econoline?  For your front porch couch?  I learned The Streets of Laredo when I was but a youth, and I thought it was the perfect cowboy song for me- In beautiful Western waltz time, I really never thought I could fall for another.  I know you can guess that I must have-  when I kludged my way through Long Black Veil, it displaced The Streets, and the mournful lover crying o'er bones was my new slightly morbid lament of choice.  Well, yes, what can happen once will happen again, and presently, I am all over Ghost Riders in the Sky

You, dear reader, are the lucky one, because I give you all three at once, and the beauty of this, is that now you can be watching, and waiting, and listening, for the fourth song to add to these fantastic three.

See y'all out on the trail, maybe on the night of the big ol' Super Blood Moon?

It all really started with Old Paint- before I even touched a guitar.  Which, on second thought, is probably still my favorite.  Play all four, and order them as you like.  Oh, and a little trivia for you-  Ford Econoline is a song that Nanci Griffith wrote about Rosalie Sorrels and Kate Wolf, and if you don't know Rosalie, well, you know what to do, Way Out in Idaho.  Oh, yes, and what about Kate?